From the recording SOUNDTRACKS

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Verse 1. I remember Mama swingin',
That screen door open bringin',
A tall cold glass of sweet tea for Daddy's hand;
A hard day's work and finally restin',
Me and him and brother gettin',
Hungry for what's cookin' in Mama's pan,
After supper out there sittin',
Singin' hymns into the night,
That's the kind of simple livin' I've been chasin' all my life.

Chorus. Cause there ain't nothin' any better,
Than love faith and family together,
In this world of crazy weather,
It's the safest place to ride out any storm,
Gotta get back to the front porch.

Verse 2. I remember lookin' back seein',
Daddy wave as I was leavin',
That Lord help him tear in Mama's eye;
I went from climbin' trees to climbin' ladders,
Tryin' to shine, tryin' to matter,
It only left me less than satisfied,
Now I don't have a front porch like my Mom and Daddy did,
But I'm finding it's the way of life,
No matter where you live.

Chorus Again (x2)