1. Elijah

From the recording SOUNDTRACKS

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Verse 1. Elijah was a prophet in the bible long ago,
He boldly proclaimed the Word of God,
In the face of we're told,
He told Jezebel and Ahab of their sins,
And they tried to kill him time and time again.

Verse 2. Because of their evil a famine came across the land,
And no food could be found,
For woman, child, or man,
The raven fed him by the brook,
And the widow a cake for him she cooked.

Chorus. Oh, oh, Elijah,
He was quite a man,
Oh, oh, Elijah,
On the truth he took his stand;
Is it any wonder God took him by the hand,
Elijah that old time preacher man.

Verse 3. Then one day he stood against the wicked men of Baal,
He said I serve a mighty God,
And He has never failed,
He stood there and called upon the power,
Until Jehovah answered him with fire.

Verse 4. Elijah he was faithful to his Lord up til the end,
He left his holy mantle to Elisha his friend,
When a chariot from Heaven God did send,
And took Elijah up in a whirlwind!

Chorus Again (x2)

Tag. Oh Elijah.