1. Traveling On

From the recording SOUNDTRACKS

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Verse 1. Well I said goodbye to a whole lot of things,
That's been standing in my way,
I laid it all down,
I turned around,
I went searching for a brighter day;
I cut all ties that pull and bind,
I'm singing a brand new song,
It's been many years and a whole lot of tears,
But now I'm traveling on.

Chorus. Traveling on,
Leaving this sinful mess behind,
Traveling on,
Enjoying my rest and my peace of mind;
They say good things come to those who wait,
Now it's time I'm moving on,
The devil loses,
I'm through with the blues,
Cause I'm outta here,
I'm traveling on.

Verse 2. Well I found me a reason to wake in the morning,
And face the world all day,
I have a friend who holds my hand,
With every step I take;
Despite the bad weather,
We're traveling together,
The sun keeps shining on,
I've made up my mind,
Left the past behind,
Thank God I'm traveling on.

Chorus (x2)

Tag. I'm traveling on.