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In His Eyes

Verse 1. In my eyes
I see only imperfection
Lust of the flesh
And my foolish pride
But the blood of the Lamb
That covers that ole' man
Makes me look like a saint in His eyes.

Verse 2. In their eyes
That woman was a sinner
There at the well by His side
But the water He gave
Had the power to save
And her thirst was forever satisfied.

Chorus. In His eyes
I can see that He loves me
Heaven knows
I don't understand why
But, His promise is true
He'll see me through
Til the day I look in His eyes.

Verse 3. In His hands
I see marks of mercy
And a deep scar
Where the spears pierced His side
There's blood on the ground
But what's breaking me down
Is the love
I see in His eyes.

Verse 4. In this life
I've watched storm clouds gather
But I know Who makes that ole' sun rise
This life is just a vapor
Then it's over
But I see forever
In His eyes.

(Chorus again)

Tag. His promise is true
And He'll see me through
Til the day I look
In His eyes.

Til the day
I look
In His eyes.